Lästips om Gazakonflikten


Ska du läsa en artikel idag om konflikten mellan Hamas och Israel skall du läsa ”How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe” av historikern Avi Shlaim. Shlaim tillhör den grupp av judiska historiker som kallas New Historians. Shlaim skriver bla:

As so often in the tragic history of Palestine, the victims were blamed for their own misfortunes. Israel’s propaganda machine persistently purveyed the notion that the Palestinians are terrorists, that they reject coexistence with the Jewish state, that their nationalism is little more than antisemitism, that Hamas is just a bunch of religious fanatics and that Islam is incompatible with democracy. But the simple truth is that the Palestinian people are a normal people with normal aspirations. They are no better but they are no worse than any other national group. What they aspire to, above all, is a piece of land to call their own on which to live in freedom and dignity.

Läs hela artikeln. Det är den värd.

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